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Glazier Projects & Supplies W.L.L which was established in May 2015 has seen a fast growing output with a turnover of more than 1.2 Million Qatar Riyal in the first six months with team hard work which never compensated on Customer satisfaction. We are specialized in metal works with our years of experience, we provide optimal solutions to all our client needs. In our quest to remain an outstanding Metal fabricators in Qatar, we are in constant touch with the Latest technology development abroad, while we are also researching locally to bring to you broad hi-tech products to meet the needs of local market that has taste for good products at affordable prices.

It was a great inspiration I got with my 16 years of experience in the construction industry of Qatar with precise plans, hard work, and moreover highly appreciated client support. On this occasion of launching our profile, we are proud of what has been achieved in the previous year and the success achieved in all fields along with the concrete changes in terms of adding some activities such as the introduction of new machinery and advanced state of art technology. As a Group, we remain committed to corporate and social responsibility. In all of our actions, we strive to ensure that all economic, environmental, and social factors are considered. We believe that this approach, driven by our principles of respect, rigor, and involvement makes us more responsible and informed as a company.



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